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Security Advisory

If you do not know where to start or are in need of very specific security questions Metaluxo can help you out. Governance, compliance, managing cryptocurrencies, selecting a security vendor and more.

Privacy and Compliance

Nowadays there are multiple privacy frameworks and legislations. We can help you navigate through them and select the appropriate solution for your situation and jurisdiction.

Vulnerability Assessments

Finding vulnerabilities before hackers do is key. We make a plan for you, show you how to select an agency or establish a bug bounty program.

IT Security, uncomplicated.

Our services focus on streamlined professional solutions

At Metaluxo we know how difficult is to run a business. That is why we offer professional solutions that meet the specified time and budget. Your success is our success, and that is why we aim to provide IT Security solutions that are uncomplicated and using cloud services and automation as most as possible. Our clients range from startups to medium-sized organisations which are dynamic, have little politics and are looking for an improvement in the security area.

That is why we do not have retention fees or hidden costs. In most cases we will show you the way to implement an IT security strategy and your team will implement, grow and continue the work in a sustainable way. 

Common use cases


If you are under attack or suspect of a security incident, it is important to manage it quickly but in an efficient and legal way to avoid further consequences. Depending on your jurisdiction different privacy and security legislation might apply. More importantly, managing responsibly a security incident can prevent lack of trust on clients, providers or even authorities.



When working with different organisations it comes the need to comply with some standards or demonstrate a secury posture. Preparing a security statement might look complicated but with the right tools and frameworks it is a doable task.



Proactively deciding a security strategy is fundamental for a business of any size. Developing policies, procedures, business continuity plans, disaster recovery plans among other documents when the incidents have not happened is not only cheaper but far more efficient and less stressful.


About us

Metaluxo was created in 2012 in London as a way to provide security services in accessible way to small-medium enterprises (SMBs). Combining our professional experience from years in different business, countries, languages, technologies, legislations with the support of countless co-workers we have developed a method of analysing business needs and implementing security strategies in order to support the business no goals. Not the other way around.


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Our Core Team

We have extensive combined technical and managerial experience to make you succeed

Roberto Arias

Information Security 

Roberto brings over 17 years of technical experience with specialisations in System Security and intelligence. He brings international experience from Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Germany and the UK. 

Languages: English, Spanish

Katarzyna Bednarz


Katarzyna has nearly 18 years of business experience working with companies across the US, the UK, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic while helping succeed a range of businesses from startups to giant corporations including RSA / EMC, Thales and Janrain.

Languages: English, German, Polish, Spanish

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